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CNRP Daily News 7 December 2014 | Khmer hot news | khmer news | Today news | world news

CNRP Daily News 7 December 2014 | Khmer hot news | khmer news | Today news | world news – Please subscribe get more media …
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CNRP Daily news 03 March 2015 | Khmer hot news | khmer news | Today news | world news

CNRP Daily news 03 March 2015 | Khmer hot news | khmer news | Today news | world news Must Watch – Please subscribe get more media …
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Hot Flushes Are Good News for Your Heart

Hot flushes are a common and troublesome part of menopause symptoms. Approximately three women out of four suffer the hot flashes typically associated with menopause. Although hot flushes are usually perceived as a problem, the surprising news is that researchers now believe that they might actually indicate good heart health.

A research study published online on February 24th, 2011 in the journal Menopause points to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and even death, for women who experience night sweats and hot flushes.

A hot flush starts as a flush, which progresses to a sensation of heat moving down the body, followed by profuse perspiration. Hot flushes are caused by instability in the blood vessels found in the skin. The findings of the study are important, since they might alleviate concerns that menopausal symptoms could increase the risk of vascular problems for women.

Northwestern Medicine endocrinologist and lead author of this study, Emily Szmuilowicz, MD said, “While they are certainly bothersome, hot flashes may not be all bad.” Although previous reports have suggested an association between menopause symptoms and raised levels of risk factors including cholesterol and blood pressure, this study discovered quite the opposite.

“We found that women who experienced symptoms when they began menopause had fewer cardiovascular events than those who experienced hot flashes late in menopause or not at all,” explained Szmuilowicz. “It is reassuring that these symptoms, which are experienced by so many women, do not seem to correlate with increased risk of cardiovascular disease,”

JoAnn Manson, MD, DrPH, and Ellen Seely, MD from Harvard Medical School co-authored the research study along with Szmuilowicz. They investigated the association between symptoms of menopause and cardiovascular health by assessing medical data obtained from 60,000 women who were enrolled in the Women’s Health Initiative Observational Study and followed up for ten years.

The women whose symptoms were reviewed were categorised as follows – women who had experienced night sweats and hot flushes at the beginning of menopause, later on in menopause, during both stages of menopause, and those who did not experience hot flushes at all.

The study authors state that further research will help clarify the exact association between hot flushes and heart health. Meanwhile the study findings will cheer millions of menopausal women who endure this disruptive symptom. “Hot flushes will never be enjoyable, but perhaps these findings will make them more tolerable,” added Szmuilowicz.


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The Importance of Coffee in our Daily Life

Coffee is an integral part of our system and it has been a part of our history also. It is served a relieving beverage and is used by everyone. Coffee is of many types from hot coffee to cold coffee. Coffee offers a zippy tang which is driving factor in its success. It has become a vital of our everyday lifestyle regardless of its type. We rely a lot on coffee and because of that we have a lot of cafés franchise stabilizing around the globe like Barista and Café Coffee Day.

Coffee has a lot of types and all of them have their specific tang. Starting from hot coffee, to cappuccino, to cold coffee and every coffee has its own specific use. The international Coffee board are restricted the use of coffee to be used for constructive process such as making healthy coffee. Caffeine is a major constituent of coffee and can be used for other things too. So, a limitation was mandatory in order to reinforce law in trading of coffee. As coffee is used in every country which meant that coffee plantation can be misused and this leaded to the formation of this board.

Coffee is generally used for a lot of purpose and it mostly contains high amount of calories which is injurious to our health. So, due to this the concept of flavored coffee and low calorie coffee was introduced.

A low calorie coffee has revolutionized the use of coffee and again given option to every avid coffee consumer. Our reliance on coffee is like an immortal relationship.  The concept of flavored coffee has brought a new flavor in its vicinity. Flavored coffee is low on calorie and is used a lot nowadays. The preserved coffee we usually buy from general stores.  The preservation is done in order to store the aroma but doesn’t have the taste of actual coffee.  The extensive use of coffee is done in every country as we rely a lot on coffee. Hence, we the revolution in the coffee industry we can say that coffee has changed with time from coffee seeds to low calorie coffee.

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Blankets Have Become The Necessity Of Our Daily Life

In the modern society, blankets have become the necessity of our daily life. People are now not only considering their practical usage but also their appearance. How to select a unique and stylish blanket is a target for the younger generation.

Baby blankets are essential for the wellbeing of newborn babies because they are still fragile, they are more prone to prone to catching colds and other infections that can be potentially hazardous. The babies need to be protected all the time and wrapping them up tight and securely will ensure just that. Having the right type of blankets for your baby is the best way of ensuring their comfort. You should also make sure that all your baby blankets provide sufficient warmth and are soft on the baby’s gentle skin and won’t irritate it. Moreover, it should be lightweight so that it does not exert too much pressure on the child. Fleece blankets are most popular and are ideal for babies.

Wool blankets can provide warmth and comfort for decades if you take proper care of them. It is a refreshing yet warm change in a world where people routinely trade in their car every 3 years, their PCs every other year and their clothes every season. Here are some tips for keeping your blankets in tiptop shape.

One of the specific blankets people are choosing is the fleece blanket. It’s is velvety soft and comes in an array of colors and prints. The softer yarn in fleece is what makes it so desirable. Another option is cashmere, although it tends to be a little more expensive, it is still a wonder option for the special baby in your life. The fleece blanket is the most economical and practical choice for a baby blanket and is sure to be a treasured gift to whoever receives it. No one needs to know what the blanket cost and the thought is truly what counts.

Blankets that have been handmade are lovely however the price of getting one is a lot of within the price only as a result of its hand crafted however you can even have the babies name on the blanket, therefore after they get older they will keep that memory for many years. If having a customized tot blanket necessary to you, then there are several options on the net if you go this route and for somebody who extremely doesn’t have the cash for one of those blankets, you could get infant blankets on wholesale as well.

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Strategies You Need to Master in Daily Fantasy Hockey

As daily fantasy hockey continues to increase in popularity, fantasy players will have to change a few things when it comes to strategy. With this format, you no longer need to concern yourself with particulars like whether a certain player will lose his starting job by February. All that matters is you know who is going to start tonight and who is likely to get hot.

The first strategy you need to master when playing daily fantasy hockey is how to identify player values. With a salary-based budget, it’s essential to identify players who are undervalued, so you can free up cap space to spend on more effective players. In this setup, defensemen are of little comparative value, so your best bet is to spend the absolute minimum possible on this position. In the start of the season, guys who were very cheap have now pricetags that are starting to rise, so you have to watch out for new cheaper options to consider. On the forward end, some of the flyer forwards will give a lot of value for little cost.

Rosters on most sites play one goalie and two each at LW, RW, C, and D. When making your daily fantasy hockey team lineup, start at the goalie position. Remember, it’s just for one night, so it’s very essential you identify who is starting. Several websites offer starting goalie information that is fairly reliable. For the best information, go to the local sources for that team, as they’ll often post it on a blogsite, Twitter, or even on the team’s homepage. If you can find value at this position, go for it. Usually, NHL teams will have a backup start against a weaker opponent. Backups tend to come at a lower cost, so you can make out if you play this right. For example, on Fanduel, a top goalie like Miller or Luongo may cost 8K of your 55K cap. You might get a starting backup on a good team for 3K or 4K, which obviously leaves room to add better options on offense.

Next, identify the two cheapest defensemen that have hopes of getting you points. In general, defensemen produce 1/2 as much in points as forwards, so you’re wasting your money by placing a mid to top level defenseman on your roster. One thing to look for on defense is penalty minutes. While points from the D are hard to predict, penalty minutes are more predictable.

After filling your crease and blueline, it’s time to spend your money where it matters most—on offense. Start from the bottom going up, and identify one or two players you can accept at a lower price. Next, add a couple of high end forwards to the mix. Finally, play around with the last couple of spots with what you have left. Once you’ve completed your roster, check how much cap space you have remaining. Take a look at each of your cheaper options and see how much of an upgrade you make with what you have left.

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Forthgoer mini portable spy DVR Play Different Role in Your Daily Life

Play a Different Role in Daily Life!

If you are an active news blogger, citizen journalist, investigator or just an amateur funny video movie-makers, then you should say hello to this Forthgoer- High Definition Mini Pinhole Camcorder, which has a button mini camera system for all kinds of uses and people. You will enjoy 40% Off,

Use it as a spy camera. The mini high definition pinhole camera lens can be as a button, which can easily be concealed in your pocket. You just press the recording button, you can capture audio and video, with 25frames per second, AVI format. The Forthgoer camera support SD card, can support up to 32GB max. if so, you can hold about 8 hours of quality video recording at the highest video resolution: 720 X 576.

Use it as a sports camera. You are watching a wonderful match, so do you have thinking that capture it and watch at home over and over? If so, you should take this Forthgoer DVR. It lets you capture all the live event footage your heart desires! So whether you are fan of football, soccer, basketball or horseracing, this Forthgoer can meet your needs. After you get home just download the videos to you PC via USB cable. Very easy and fantastic.

Practical usage, evidence collection. Whether you need to video capture someone red-handed or in a compromising position, this amazing device delivers! With it, you will never ware a spy camera system, or with a CCD surveillance camera. You just use the camera belt of it, and this camera become a versatile CCTV solution on your hands.

The forthgoer High Definition Mini Pinhole Spy Camcorder act different parts in daily life. So if you have this camera in your hand, then you will also can act different parts in life, and have more fun.


Daily Love Horoscopes Aries and Aries Love Compatibility

Being the first sign of the Zodiac Aries are ruled by the hot and fiery Mars. Those born under Aries are, lively, energetic, daring and sometimes combative in achieving their goals taking the initiative in everything they do.

Aries is highly energetic and adventurous, they want to reach the top and will stop at nothing, and the good thing about this relationship is the encouragement and support they will get from each other. However being impulsive, the risks they take can also lead to their downfall.

Besides, Arians display characteristics of independence and have aversion to domination and control. Neither of them can tolerate being dominated or bossed by anyone else. Sometimes, therefore, there is too much emphasis on individualism rather than on being close and nurturing the relationship.

The only way that there can be Aries and Aries compatibility will be for one person to be in control, and the other person to be more submissive. If one person cannot be submissive, there will definitely be loud relationship. Generally, the Aries woman tends to dominate in the relationship. Aries people like to be alone to recharge their batteries, so this is a nice cooling down period for the Aries compatibility. If both Aires are dominant, a lot of arguing can ensue, and divorce is not unheard of.

They are sensible. Urge to dominate on the part of both the individuals may act as a hindrance. They have to work together to ensure harmony. The compatibility of a relationship between two Aries individuals depends on how well they accept and respect each other’s freedom.

Aries has proud egos, and are sensitive to criticism. An Arian may never take criticism in a sportive manner and this negative tendency may result in a fierce clash between two Arians. A successful relation between two Arians must ensure a harmonious blend of magnanimity and forgiveness.

Yet when two Aries agree to remain together with one retreating a few steps, there could be a good and harmonious relationship growing up that could be a good option. Two aggressive rams can either like or hate the other if something goes in their favor or against them. There are only two extremes between two Arians – mutual agreement and admiration or mutual hate or aggression. However, if they come together by forgetting their differences, it will be a great combination that no one can beat or match!

A lively combo, there will be no room for boredom in the relationships as both of them will continue to be active as well as entertaining. Excitement in the relationship can be hardly undermined once it sticks. Only thing for the two Aries would be to remember that they should keep their respective fireworks under control.

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