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Daily deals sites? penchant for mobile apps


Providing buyers with mobile access to daily deals is a coveted goal of all established and spanking new players in the daily deal industry because of the meteoric popularity of smartphones as an effective mode of shopping.

One after another, daily deal companies are coming up with mobile applications that permit their subscribers to get an access to discounts timely through handheld devices on the go.

Recent arrival was android- and iPhone-supported mobile apps by Dealfind, a Toronto-based group buying website.

The group buying site claims to have distributed 1.6 million vouchers so far and saved customers around $ 390 million in 70 markets in US and Canada.

A deal of the day is preferred for its bearing up to 90 per cent discounts on a variety of goods and services.

Much like LivingSocial that has received appreciation and good response from markets for its referral program, Dealfind also came in the limelight for its friend referral program and investment in customer services.

In general, the developments related to verticals and platforms remain positive for couponing businesses besides adding value to the best deals.

Aggregately, Dealfind that has partnered with Google Offers to display daily deals of its participating merchants at Google’s platform too, has unveiled apps for phones that support iOS 3.2 or Android 2.1. Latest phones go easy with the apps. 

Understandably, while the mobile apps enable the retailers to extend outreach of their hot deals to a maximum numbers of people, customers feel ease in hitting desirable discounts on things to eat, play, experience, own, and enjoy on the go.

“The retail industry is rapidly changing with users being hooked into their mobile devices nonstop, and our app ensures we are reaching our customers and getting our deals in front of them,” said Gary Lipovetsky, Dealfind Co-Founder and President.

Google and Apple are the real market leaders in the category of smart phones. In US mobile market, android is enjoying the highest share of 46 per cent followed by iOS with 28 per cent.

According to ComScore, Google witnessed 4.4 upswing in its smartphone’s subscribers as of Oct 2011 compared with the archrival Apple that relished at only one percentage point change over the three months ending on July.

This is in spite of the analysis by McAfee that says Apple provides safer environment than Google does.

In its recent report, the antivirus software maker states that the two have different methods of dealing with the malware. 

“Apple’s approach is proactive and focused on prevention. Google’s plan is apparently to encourage the creation of apps and deal with the problems as they occur, in a reactive fashion. Google’s may be a sensible move to generate a large volume and wide variety of apps, but from the security perspective it creates exactly the kind of environment in which malware gangs feel comfortable,” notes the report.

Following suit, deal aggregators are also introducing mobile apps for popular mobile environments. Those having close eyes on the developments in the daily deal industry must have known the much-trumpeted mobile app introduced by Yipit, a deal aggregator cum industry’s reviewer.


Tariq Saeedi is a couponing industry’s analyst holding journalism and marketing degrees and contributing articles to digital and print media. Visit for dealfind , daily deals.

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News Corporation To Release The Daily Next Week ,

One year to the day after Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad, the News Corporation said it was ready to unveil its iPad newspaper, The Daily.

The News Corporation said on Thursday that it would release the highly anticipated app on Feb. 2. The company invited reporters to an 11 a.m. press event that day at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, and a spokeswoman confirmed that the app would be made available to consumers on the same day.

Last month, it was reported that the rollout of The Daily had been delayed. News Corporation has not commented on the reason, but the reports came amid the decision by Mr. Jobs, the Apple chief executive, to take a medical leave of absence. The invitation to the Guggenheim event says that Mr. Murdoch will be joined by Eddy Cue, Apples vice president of Internet services.

In the media world, interest is high in The Daily because, as David Carr of The New York Times reported last November, it will be the first of a kind a newspaper with rich media and photography built especially for the iPad.

The Daily is also proof of Rupert Murdochs keen interest in tablets. He expects tablets to be in the hands of hundreds of millions of people around the world, creating new opportunities for news delivery.

When devices became untethered and Web content began to be consumed anywhere, it was assumed that leisure reading would take a beating as people just skipped across content while on the go. But according to Read It Later, an application that allows consumers to mark content to catch up when and where they want to, users may come across a lot of things they want to read in the middle of the day, but they actually get back to them much later in the day.

A study of 100 million articles saved by users of Read It Later demonstrated that people use browsing and bookmarking, content to time-shift it to later in the day, but the portrait of consumers who own an iPad was particularly dramatic. Among the people who own an iPad, most hardly read at their desk during the day but wait until sometime around the 8:00 p.m. hour what people in the television business like to think of as prime time to kick back and consume what they have tagged on Read It Later.

I believe that its a game changer altogether, Mr. Murdoch said on a conference call with analysts last summer. Well have young people reading newspapers, well have different-looking types of newspapers. Its a real game changer in the presentation of news.

The Daily is said to have a about 100 staff members. In preparation for the public release, the staff has already been producing daily editions of the publication.

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Enterprise Center Daily News Gains Across The Board Leading Home Appliance Industry Boom Of The

Qingdao Haier has to hand over the first half of
excellent report card, in the first half net profit of 665 million yuan, up 21.30 percent; to achieve earnings per share were 0.497 yuan, in 2009 interim results hit a record high. August 18,

TCL Group published Interim report in 2009, TCL Group first half operating income 17.526 billion yuan,

Sell Income of 17.079 billion yuan. Among them, the second-quarter sales reached 9.51 billion yuan, up 0.85%, representing a sequential quarterly increase of 25.64%; a net profit of 98.91 million yuan, up 27.65 percent, of which the second-quarter net profit of 83.96 million yuan, the chain than the first quarter growth of 461.68 percent.

Number of leading enterprises Center Daily News gains across the board, means the appliance industry to become

Financial Crisis in the context of early recovery, one of the industry, the continued favorable national policy, the household appliances industry, one after another turn around the economy is markedly increasing, leading shares in institutions optimistic.

Significantly improved performance As of August 19 there have been 16 home appliance industry, disclosure of semi-annual report 2009 second quarter results for the chain have improved year on year decline has also narrowed. Insiders pointed out that home appliance industry performance in the second quarter turning point means that the industry is gradually recovering from the financial crisis, while the second half of the coming season, will lay the foundation for industry growth throughout the year.

Wind statistics show, 16 companies disclosed semiannual reports second-quarter operating income reached 35.5 billion yuan, with a quarter compared to 26.09 billion yuan, an increase of 36%; total net profit of 1.458 billion yuan, with a quarter compared to 376 million yuan, an increase was as high as 287 percent.

Appliance industry in the second quarter sequential revenue growth of 14 home, only to Hefei
Sanyang Sichuan Hushan companies revenue, decreased. The net profit for second quarter, the growth of chain reached 15, only

Hisense Electric fell 6%; and second quarter of 2008 compared to growth of reaching 13, only the shield security environment, Guangzhou Refrigeration, Sichuan Hushan three companies fell.

Sentiment index rose 8 19 State Council executive meeting clearly support the participation of SMEs eligible appliances

Agricultural Machinery , Cars, motorcycles and other rural areas, and home appliances, automobiles TM to other services. Implementation of export tax rebate policies, support for SMEs to international markets.

“State clearly support the participation of eligible SMEs
Bringing home appliances And other services, will make it more crisis measures for SMEs in the country to profit. “National Information Center, a research fellow ZHANG Yong-jun said.

Countries to support SME participation in bringing home appliances business, which will expand the industrial chain of home appliances to the countryside on the coverage, sustained domestic demand, so that more of the household electrical appliance enterprises to benefit China’s economy toward a full recovery is of great significance .

From the recently released “in the climate index by industry”, second quarter, the home appliance industry by climate index was 96.43 points, the warning by the home appliance industry index for the 80 points. Household appliances production and exports have rebounded slightly than the first quarter; industry as a whole has improved profitability, gross profit increased by 11.19% year on year, rebounded more obvious; investment growth steady, the total investment in fixed assets increased by 27.10% year on year; losses of loss-making enterprises down, business inventories decreased.

The second quarter of China’s home appliance industry, though hampered by exports, shrinking external demand and other factors, but in the home appliances to the countryside, TM,

Energy Projects that benefit the strong support of such policies, the industry appears to run some indicators improved, the overall trend of gradual stabilization of the well to the positive direction.

Shen million released monthly household appliances, air conditioning July that substantial increase in domestic sales, exports, a smaller decrease in the valuation and household appliances have advantages, it is suggested that investors increase with household appliances. Significant increase in air-conditioning in July domestic sales up 67%, in line with expectations. Although the air conditioning in August is low season, but due to channel inventory greatly pre-digested plant shipments are expected to remain high growth, year on year growth will be significantly better sales growth in the terminal. Exports, July exports fell of 22% air-conditioning, a lesser decline. Shen Wanwei support positive growth in exports of 4 quarter of next year, after a quarter into the season driving revenue growth in the industry to judge.

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World Peace Issues and Social Wellness – Christiane Amanpour to Anchor International Daily News Show

In a global village that is shrinking faster by the day, millions of world citizens are hungry for news about their neighbours.Shared global concerns about peace, health, education, the environment, crime and terror, poverty and a never-ending list of issues, bind us together much more than our differences separate us.

The struggle to find meaning and common solutions to these problems drives the hunger for news that covers real issues.  Five minute sound bite tastes cannot satisfy this global hunger for the sharing of ideas critical to the evolution of all humanity. Christiane Amanpour, CNN’s Chief International Correspondent, is now available to help fill this unsatisfied hunger for knowledge, facts, critical analysis of repercussions and possible solutions.

Beginning the second half of 2009, she will anchor her own prime time international news daily show. And the world will watch enthralled and thrilled to be fed her special brand of information mixed with probing questions, deep analysis and practical solutions-oriented reporting.

As a world-renowned journalist covering a vast number of international stories, Christiane Amanpour has covered every important international news event.  She believes it is important to be there in the midst of breaking news to get the facts straight and has practiced that in her long career, reporting from all the world’s hot-spots.

Her coverage of the Bosnian genocide helped shape her commitment to her craft:

When we’re not there, when we’re not there in a critical mass and we don’t tell the story and we don’t put our eyewitness testimony in the public sphere, then the most unspeakable evil can happen.

As a long-time fan of Christiane Amanpour, I wish her all the best and thank her for her commitment to getting substantial news about our collective global stories out to a world hungry for truth in its search for creative ways to live well together.

Angela Chen Shui, “the Soul Alignment Coach” has taught social wellness and inducing consciousness techniques to individuals and groups since 1990. For more articles on social wellness world peace issues, Angela invites you to request your own FREE personal values beliefs, social wellness and vibratory stress relief life growth coaching newsletter at:

Copyright 2008 – Angela Chen Shui. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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Hot Telecom Job In Middle East

Telecommunication is the hottest field for job across the globe today. Large number of telecom companies has come up in the market proving high end telephonic services like cellular phone service, Internet service, cable television and streaming data services.

Telecommunications companies have expanded their operation in the market to a large scale and into the most competitive market today. Hence, it requires tough leadership and fresh young minds to maintain a competitive edge. Graduates in engineering and networking should consider telecommunications jobs if it interests them.

There are plenty of jobs available for fresh graduates, management graduates who want to make their career in telecommunications field. People who have a flair for sales can work in the marketing and sales sector 35,000 pounds. Others who have excellent communications skills can consider working as sales professionals at phone companies. Job in telecommunication includes IT jobs, software, engineering and all that requires creativity and technical knowledge.

There are large job opportunities for telecom jobs , in UK, Africa and Middle East. The job market in all these countries all wide open for all natives and skilled migrants from other counties. The high demand for skilled workers in the telecom field ahs made large number of engineers and network engineers move to UK, Middle East and other counties for careers. Middle East in recent years have invested huge amounts to enhance its telecom field creating thousand of job opening for fresh graduates and experienced technicians and engineers. Great perks with salaries starting as high as 35,000 pounds makes telecom job a dream job for many.

The telecommunications industry offers a lot of opportunity for graduates looking making a career in telecom. career in telecommunication is indeed a great option for all those who to deal with latest technology. If you are looking for telecom job, the web is full of opportunities from India, UK and Middle East.

John Smith writes an articles on telecom jobs, telecommunication and mobile industry for so many years. Post your resume at and make your career in telecommunication with the leading telecom jobs in qatar and telecom jobs in london.

CNRP Daily news 4 January 2015 | Khmer hot news | khmer news | Today news | world news – Please subscribe get more media …

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The Latest World News in the Popular Hindi Dailies

If you are looking for the latest world news what is a better way to get it than perusing one or other of the popular Hindi dailies. There is every kind of news from around the world in these newspapers. So even if you do not have any other medium at your hand to know the events occurring in the world, the Hindi samachar can be just more than sufficient. In the past times when the cable TV hadn’t penetrated the lives of the people with their surfeit of news channels and nobody even knew about the internet, the newspapers were the only news medium available. Even with so much advancement in technology, the newspapers have remained far from being redundant. Rather we nowadays find newspapers in their latest avatars the e-versions. From business news to entertainment and even the Hindi sports news, all the latest news and views are provided by the newspapers from all around the world. Get the news as and when it occurs because the Hindi newspapers cover them all.

The Latest World News is for yours to peruse in the major and well established Hindi dailies. Find the news regarding sports and entertainment, finance and business. Anything and everything you have been looking for including the daily horoscopes which tell you whether or not this day suits you is in the newspapers. Find the Hindi samachar that concerns you when you read the newspaper that is your favorite. You do not need anything but a newspaper to keep you connected with the happenings from around the globe. There is really nothing else which helps you pass the time in addition to being informative like the newspaper. Find the latest Hindi sports news and see your time fly past.

If you are looking for news that really matters, the Hindi newspaper is the best way to find it. Start your day with the Hindi samachar and you will find information which will last you the day. There is everything that you want to know about the happenings in the country as well as about the happenings in the whole world. The latest world news is confined within the pages of these newspapers. If knowledge is power, the Hindi newspapers are the ideal means to increase this knowledge. Be it the business or finance news or entertainment or the Hindi sports news find it and read it in the newspapers.

Neha Khatri is a well known author who writes articles for Hindi News Website that covers Samachar, Latest World News, Hindi Sports News, State News in Hindi and Entertainment News etc visit for more details.

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