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Daily Events in Pictures: May 16, 2011

May 16, 2011 witnessed a series of events around the world. Besides the Machindranath chariot festival in Nepal, the 39th Coming of Age Day Ceremony in South Korea, the demonstrations against a youth unemployment rate by university students and youth groups in Spain and the monster truck competition called Monster Jam in California, there are many other news that draw much attention of the world press on the day such as the demonstrations to mark the Nakba in Palestine, the demonstration against Yemen’s President Ali Abdullah Saleh, the flood in the United States and so on.

Picture 1: A rebel army recruit participated in a training exercise on May 16 in Benghazi, Libya.

Picture 2: Anti-government protesters throw an infant into the air during a demonstration demanding the ouster of Yemen’s President Ali Abdullah Saleh

Picture 3: Palestinians run away from tear gas fired by Israeli police while they were attending demonstrations to mark the Nakba on May 16, 2011 at Qalandiya checkpoint near Ramallah, West Bank

Picture 4: A National Guard troop stands on a levee when floodwaters approach Buttle LaRose in Louisiana, United States.

Picture 5: A man eats a snack in Bangkok, Thailand

Picture 6: Girls from Seoul, South Korea drunk wine at the 39th Coming of Age Day Ceremony which was held to recognize their coming of age as adults.

Picture 7: Event Afghan drug smugglers were arrested and captured by officials in the capital of Herat province in Afghanistan on May 16

Picture 8: In Barcelona, Spain, then thousands of university students and youth groups took part in a demonstration to protest against a youth unemployment rate of 40 percent and government austerity measures.

Picture 9: Passengers disembark from Cathay Pacific flight CX715, an Airbus A330 passenger jet after it landed safely at Changi Airport in Singapore on early May 16

Picture 10: Devotees cheer as an offering is thrown from the top of the Machindranath chariot festival, one of the main festivals in Lalitpur, Nepal.

Picture 11: Another event happened on May 16 is the monster truck competition called Monster Jam in San José, California. In the photo, Candice Jolly drives the truck named Monster Mutt over wrecked cars.


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Global Beauty Pageants: Hot News of 2011

Chile coming back to Miss Universe 2011, former Miss World Azra Akin winning “Dancing with The Stars” in Turkey, the reigning Miss Universe 2010 Jimena Navarettefrom Mexico becoming the new face of L’Oreal Paris and Chinese Laundry being official footwear sponsor of the Miss Universe and Miss USA 2011 pageants are outstanding events this year.


Chile comes back to Miss Universe 2011

Chile will come back to Miss Universe 2011 after five-year absence. The last time this South American country participated the beauty pageant was in 2006 with Balen Montilla. Back to history, a number of Chilean supermodels were sent to Miss Universe and highly ranked like Renata Ruiz (2005), Claudia van Sint Jan del Pedregal (1985), Mariana Villasante Aravena (1986), Macarena Mina (1989) and Urania Haltenhoff (1990).

Chile once won Miss Universe in 1987 with Cecilia Carolina Bolocco Fonck


The 2011 Miss USA Pageant

The 2011 Miss USA Pageant that takes place at Planet Hollywood Resort in Las Vegas to celebrate its 60th Anniversary on June 19, features contestants from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. These contestants will be judged in three categories: swimsuit, evening gown and interview. In 2010, Rima Fakih of Michigan made a record as the first immigrant, Arab American and Muslim to be crowned Miss USA.

The Planet Hollywood Resort in Las Vegas proudly hosts the 2011 Miss USA Pageant

The 2011 Miss USA will be crowned by Rima Fakih, who has been traveling the world as an advocate for breast and ovarian cancer awareness, education, research and legislation


Former Miss World Azra Akin won “Dancing with The Stars” in Turkey

Azra Akin, former Miss World in 2002, and Nikolay Manolov, Bulgarian professional Latin dancer, have won the first season of “Dancing with The Stars” in Turkey. They got the maximum amount of points at the show’s finale.

Azra Akin was crowned Miss World in 2002

This popular show started on October 30, 2010 with the participation of 14 couples


Important beauty contracts

The reigning Miss Universe 2010 Jimena Navarettefrom Mexico becomes the new face of L’Oreal Paris, the world’s largest cosmetics and beauty company

Chinese Laundry is now official footwear sponsor of the Miss Universe and Miss USA 2011 pageants. The Chinese Laundry’s sophisticated footwear line will make its broadcast debut on June 19 when Miss USA 2011 opens and on September 12 when Miss Universe 2011 competes



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News On Curling Iron Vs Hot Rollers

Hair with curls look glossy and most of the People wish their hair to curl. Hair curls come in different designs and different patterns. There are curling irons and hot rollers to lift the curls. The rod is mostly used by people because it comes in wide range. Its main feature is its built-in removable brushes steam, misters etc. and the second feature is it is available in different sizes starting form one quarter to three inches in diameter.

The device also saves time when compared to hot rollers in any occasion such as marriage. If a person would like to attend the marriage and wants the hair to get curl leaning on to the two sides of the face within less time curling iron is the best option. Not only small curls, but if a person would like to have soft curls around the neck it can be done by a hair curler. Curls done by this iron not only lasts the firmness for long time, flips based on size and length also is created with the help of curling tool.

Hot rollers are the other way of getting a hair curl. They contain wax when rolled on hair the hair gets curl quickly. Main feature of this device is the change of color as the temperature of the heat raises. These are available in many varieties. Previously the rollers were not preferred because of its old design when tried on hair gets wrapped up leading to tangles. But now it is not the case because of the latest technology you can curl your hair in minutes without any tangles. Before, using hot rollers it is better to use as gel or a non-sticky hairspray so that it can hold the curl firmly. It is good if a hair wash is not done for a day because hair might not curl.

Either it may be a curling iron or a hot roller has few features and drawbacks such as consuming lot of time. Hot roller cannot curl the ends of the hair. Both have light indicators indicating when to use. Curling iron is more flexible in getting soft lose curl etc. curling irons are mobile and can be carried anyway easily. Hot roller has a feature of curl being through the day where in curling iron does not have.

Flat Iron Beauty is one among the best online shop that offers various hair staighteners, hair dryers, curling irons as well as other hair styling tools.

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Hot Topics In A News Search Engine

For someone like you who is a first-timer to a news search engine, you will certainly want to know what other people love to talk about when using this tool. This is what we can call “hot topics”. There are actually loads of categories to choose from and under each, you will find thousands of online news loaded into one search engine tool.

# 1 Politics

Any person would love to talk about politics in their respective areas. There is something in politics that spark the interest of readers. Add to that the fact that a political issue will start a good argument or debate between members of the site. Topics such as political campaigns and political parties are great issues to discuss about. Of course, not to forget any criminal or administrative cases filed against a politician or his kin.

# 2 Business

For people who are interested in the ins and outs of business, then this hot topic in a news search engine is considered of great help as well. This may include things such as names of businesses launching new products in the market. News listed under the business category is considered a hot topic because it gives readers information real estate, stock markets as well as economy and finance.

# 3 Technology

This is regarded a hot topic for every person who is into what’s new in technology. It contains tons of information and news about latest devices such as mobile phones, net books or consumer electronics. It is a good idea to browse through this section if you are currently looking for a new gadget to invest in. A review of some products that have been recently launched in the market may be included in this page as well.

# 4 Lifestyle

If you want to know more about the latest fashion trends, this page is for you. The page has everything from clothing to accessories, from jewelries to perfumes, from Christmas must-haves to New Year fashion, and from books to furniture. The lifestyle section may also offer you review of certain products that you want to purchase.

These are some of the hot topics found in a news search engine site. Of course, you can also browse through other headlines from health, entertainment, sports, science and education categories.

We then encourage you to try our news search engine at to see the latest news covered in the above-mentioned categories. We update our site from time-to-time to give you the freshest and most relevant topics you can read.

Top Ten News Of 2009 Hot Animal

Review 2009 2008 outbreak in the autumn Melamine China’s livestock events had sustained concussion, and ultimately make the “China Food Safety Law” on June 1, 2009 introduced. However, for farmers, this year should be a relatively dull year. Layer relatively good market year, seize the opportunity of a number of chicken farmers will make more money. Hog prices have short-term volatility, but the whole has stabilized; those who avoid the drought in the spring epidemic caused by pig farmers in the north and escaped the fall of the South with high fever to pig farmers to maintain normal security. Life difficult for farmers in the first half, began to gradually ease later in the second half the year may be flat, but after they pay more attention to the situation is getting better. Although the veterinary industry in the doldrums, but most manufacturers in accordance with the old methods are also able to support, not to the real major reshuffle of the season. Industry profit growing thin Feed The integration of business continuity and integration with previous years, frequently in the chain attack.

Livestock industry in China have a clear direction, but no clear road map. Diversity of animal husbandry in China itself, based on market-driven changes in demand and harmony between the implicit political game, which led to the near future China will maintain a livestock spiral development approach, while the efficiency of animal disease prevention and control a certain extent, the decision will spiral upward or downward spiral.

Year is approaching, back up over the past year has been widespread concern that the news in that time and after the impact and reality of the real difficulties, may not be meaningless. However, the editors limited their extensive knowledge and subject itself, crude is inevitable, can only be right when the start a discussion.

No.1 pig warning News Review: 1 9, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Commerce, SAIC, AQSIQ jointly issued “to prevent excessive price of live pigs down regulation plan.” Based on this plan for the formation of China’s “pig early warning mechanism.” Food than those on the pig industry can truly reflect the cost of pig and pig farming subsidies has created a great need for controversy. June 13, the National Development and Reform Commission’s price monitoring center showed that when grain price ratio is 5.81:1 week, plans have been set for four consecutive weeks below the breakeven point the production of 6:1. Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Finance, Development and Reform Commission started work made of frozen pork in the purchasing and storage. Since then, the Commerce Department that consumer review, since mid-June since purchasing and storage of domestic frozen pork, pig grain ratio rose to more than 6:1 range.

Question 1: How can pork price stability at a reasonable interval?

2009 years, the domestic pig industry market trend is known as the “ghost city”, especially in the third quarter of erratic price changes, volatility law to be subverted. However, the full year, more than the price of live pigs kept at the cost line in the vicinity.

Reference to September 15, 2007 entered into force, “the central meat reserves management approach” require “the principle of frozen pork reserves of three each year, each round of storage at 4 months.” Even if countries do not consider the losses in a timely manner to ensure the equal the number of updates; However, these final purchasing and storage of pork in what way at what time to be digested by the market? This should be the majority of people have concerns pigs. Intention by the State purchasing and storage, these pork meat prices should be high when released, in order to suppress the price too high. Related to the case, in 2007, pork in two national reserves in order to slightly lower than market prices during the period to market.

Concerned about how these pork was consumed and its impact on the market, in fact, concerned about how pork price stability in a reasonable range. Reasonable, which means farmers are making money, and consumers could afford to eat meat. Experts believe that this process requires the formation of the whole industrial chain of risk and profit sharing mechanism. But to achieve this process requires long time, and what forces about the progress of this process?

No.2 pig futures News Review:

2 1st, “the CPC Central Committee State Council in 2009 to promote stable development of agriculture and farmers continue to increase the number of views,” the official release of the second “stable development of agricultural production” made it clear: “to market early warning, reserve adjustments increased insurance, futures and other measures to stabilize the development of pig industry.

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Hot updates about the latest India news

In India, people have started developing a keenness for educating themselves with the most recent and latest news about the country. Due to the recent horrifying terror attacks and other such couple of events people want to be aware and alerted of the whereabouts of the nation. In India news today has advanced to a great extent. Thanks to the latest inventions in science and technology. There is news available on TV, on internet, news blogs, mobile alerts, newspapers, etc. It is with the help of these sources that media can reach out to the masses and make people aware of the current scenario of what is happening across their nation.

In India news is featured on television, on internet and in newspapers as well. The most popular medium, however, the television features all kinds of breaking news India. On television, the news updates are available in various languages on different TV channels thus making it convenient for the viewers to understand it in a better way.

The latest news India is also featured on the internet. Online news has proved to be of great advantage for the working class. As they are too occupied with their work, it is next to impossible for them to watch TV or read newspapers. Thus, online news delivers the most recent and breaking news India. Getting news updates online helps in saving time and it can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime.

When latest news India is featured on TV or on any other source, people are very keen on making their opinions and views count. Also, people discuss these issues with people around them which help in creating a social interaction amongst the people of that particular area. There are various helpline numbers of TV channels which one can call on and make their opinion count. There are various feedback and comment boxes on the online news websites where in you can post in your views and thoughts. It is made sure that your views and feedbacks are taken care of.

It is of utmost importance for every citizen of India to get himself India news updated with the current events of the country. Every Indian citizen has the right to know what is going on in their country and act accordingly. Public opinion matters the most when it comes to issues of national or state importance. Wake up and make your opinion count!

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