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10 hot upcoming cars in news from sometime, will they come?

In the recent times, Indian automotive market has become one of the most happening business hubs across the globe. As the automakers here, consist of heaps of sophisticated and innovative vehicles that hold the potential to exert a pull on the middle class buyers. With every passing year, the number of launches in India is growing at a healthy rate. The last couple of years have witnessed many different sorts of launches in the auto sector that can shortlisted as hyped launch, Silent launch, hyped and promising launch along with another new category hyped+ potential + exciting, but never launched till date. Nonetheless, from last couple of months there are nearly ten new car models that have been in news with strong speculations and spying of their test mules. And the industry sources have got enough oomph factors that these vehicles will surely see the sun this year.

Skoda Citigo

The upcoming Skoda Citigo hatchback, which is the seventh car model from the company, has been launched in the domestic market of Czech Republic previous year. The city oriented two-seater Citigo that will be tweaked into a 4-seater is expected to hit Indian shore by the start of winter 2012. Under the bonnet, it will have an alignment of 1.0 litre three cylinder engine churning out maximum power of 60-70bhp. The compact and sporty exterior of Citigo looks appealing. The five door version of Citigo will be launched in the European market amid this year offering maximum utilization of the space. The interiors will be jazzy-n-trendy along with latest and modern gadgets featuring at the dash and console.

Renault Modus

The French automaker Renault seems very aggressive for its expansion of the Indian operations and all set to open its triumph cards on their merits. The next generation ‘Renault Modus’ hatchback-cum-mini MPV will be fifth edition from the family, which is expected to launch by late 2012 or early next year. The Renault Modus will come boosted with the 1.2 litre petrol engine coupled with 5-speed manual transmission offering maximum power of 70-75bhp. It will be sported with various handy features like automatic climate control, power windows, central locking, power steering, together with smaller turning radius and foldable rear seat etc.

Maruti Cervo

The entry-level Maruti Cervo is one among the most anticipated small cars by Maruti that have an agile sporty appearance and peppy engine, which can be yours at an affordable price. Gracing with the 0.7 litre, 660cc petrol engine it will deliver a peak power of 60bhp. According to the auto expert’s speculations, in terms of fuel efficiency, power, performance and elegance the new Maruti Cervo will be the best vehicle in this segment. Maruti Cervo will hit showrooms by the last quarter of the calendar year 2012. It said to be a Tata Nano competitor, due to its low engine displacement.

Renault Twingo

The futuristic Renault Twingo has already got popularity for its premium quality and exceptional styling features. The next generation Twingo, which is basically Twingo II, will be available with a diesel powered engine that yields an outstanding performance. The improved aerodynamics reduced CO2 emissions, sporty case of Dynamique in interior and optional electrically operated fabric sunroof are the significant features of the vehicle. This hatchback Renault product is expected to be launched by amid 2012 in the country.

Volkswagen Up

The leading German auto brand, Volkswagen is aiming to mark its appearance in the compact car segment with the launch of upcoming Volkswagen Up, first showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2007. It will be available in three body styles: a two door hatchback, a four door hatchback & a four door wagon with longer wheelbase, expected to hit the Indian market by the end of 2012. There will be two engine options available for the buyers a 1.2 litre 4-cylinder petrol engine and a 0.8 litre 2 or 3-cylinder, turbocharged diesel/petrol engine. The stylish exterior will attract the new and young buyer, while the fit and finish levels in the interiors will be at its best being a German car.

Ford B-Max

New Ford Fiesta already launched, the Ford EcoSport is impending, what next on the Ford agenda? It’s Ford B-Max, which will have the production version unveiled at Geneva Auto Show this year, after which by late 2012 India may see its launch. It’s a compact MPV looks like to challenge Maruti Ertiga MPV. The innovative 1.0L EcoBoost engine will be seen powering the New Ford MPV.

Skoda Octavia

The third generation Skoda Octavia, which will replace the current Skoda Laura, is one of hottest discussion topics in the auto industry. As per the news it was seen testing in Europe and is projected to be launched by amid 2012. This Skoda sedan will face the tough competition with C segment cars like Volkswagen Vento, Hyundai Verna Fluidic and Honda Civic. It will be based on an all new platform that has latest Greenline technology that will offer brilliant performance with the carbon dioxide emission less than 100g/km. Whereas, its top line-up will be represented by the RS version sporting 2.0 litre TSI engine producing maximum power of 270hp.

Nissan Leaf

The five door electric hatchback that is expected to be launched late 2012 or early next year has been hovering over the minds of hatch lovers in India. After its global launch in 2010, it has won many accolades for its distinctive features and power packed performance along with most important factor, the affordable pricing.

Volkswagen Golf

One of the best selling elite hatchbacks of Volkswagen has stolen the million of hearts with its cutting-edge technology and sporty looks across the world. The model will compete with premium hatchbacks likes Honda Jazz, Hyundai i20 and Skoda Fabia. This compact car will be loaded with plenty of functional features along with the superior exteriors. The Volkswagen Golf will be graced with a 2.0 litre TDI power-train petrol or diesel engine producing a peak power of around 170hp at 4200rpm and torque of 350Nm. This engine will be mated with six speed manual/automatic gearbox.

Chevrolet Sail

The Chevrolet Sail siblings that comprise of Sail sedan and Sail hatchback have been in news for quite some time, especially the hatchback version, and the chances of India launch boosted when it was unveiled at 2012 Delhi Auto Expo. The hatch will fall in premium segment and will have direct competition with Hyundai i20 with its extraordinary and advanced features inside-out when it goes into production amid this year.

Keep yourself updated with the latest information about Nissan Leaf and Skoda Octavia.

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Credible News Sources

Recently, Keith Olbermann, on his MSNBC news show, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, cited Fox News as the “worst persons in the world.” He claimed that the Fox News Channel is blatant right-wing propaganda. He also noted that President Obama, in a recent TV interview (the same interview, incidentally, as the now-notorious fly-swatting incident, in which, according to news reports on MSNBC, NBC, CBS, CNN and elsewhere, the President demonstrates his “remarkable fly-swatting skills”) claimed that there was at least one news channel dedicated to undermining his administration at all costs. Olbermann suggests that the President was referring to Fox News.

Back in the day when the Republicans controlled both houses as well as the Presidency, a period that might well go down in history as a modern-day Dark Ages or Reign of Terror, the Fox News channel was considered to be the bastion of credible news. So much so that all other news agencies were too afraid even to question their authority.

Fox News, owned by Australian media magnate Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., had started on the premise that conventional news sources like CNN and network news operated on a principle of a subtle left-wing cultural bias resulting from the educational and social milieu of their journalists. The solution that Fox News apparently proposed was to dedicate a news channel to supposedly “fair and balanced” news coverage. “Fair and balanced” became their watchword, but it soon proved to be ironic. Over time, their supposedly objective news coverage has been exposed as right-wing propaganda that was pretty blatantly pandering to the Bush administration while they were in power.

This brings us to MSNBC’s news lineup. MSNBC is a news channel that is produced as a joint venture, as the name suggests, between Microsoft (the monolithic software giant founded by Bill Gates) and NBC. Their lineup of news shows supposedly offers us the alternative to Fox News, but, as implied by Keith Olbermann, what they are really offering us is left-wing propaganda that panders to the Obama administration.

The tragic consequence of all this government pandering and institutional propaganda is that the number-one casualty in mainstream news coverage is credibility. Where are the Woodwards and Bernsteins of today, with their stunning exposés of corruption in high places? Definitely not at either Fox News or MSNBC.

Perhaps the answer to where we can find credible news sources lies with CNN–still bland and presenting the façade of objectivity while concealing a subtle left-wing bias–who now, apparently, resorts to blogs, Twitter feeds and Facebook posts to supplement their on-site correspondent reports. CNN even encourages you to submit amateur videos via the “iReport” section on their website, which allows them to feature the videos on their news shows after a process of vetting and verification. In fact, in the ongoing Iranian uprisings, where mainstream journalists are being banned and extradited by the authoritarian Iranian regime, western news sources are having to rely on Twitter feeds, blogs and amateur video from Iranian citizens as their news sources.

This brings us to the argument that mainstream news organizations have recently been making against the Blogsphere, especially in the wake of such recent films as State of Play, directed by Kevin Macdonald, namely that the Blogsphere is composed primarily of amateurs who are out of their depth, whereas if you are looking for cutting-edge Woodward-and-Bernstein style in-depth reporting, you will find it only at the major news organizations who have the skills and resources at their disposal to support that kind of news coverage.

The reality–at least two of the so-called major news organizations are dedicated to producing partisan propaganda that pretty shamelessly panders to politicians while the third is increasingly resorting to the Blogsphere to provide its news sources. As for Woodward and Bernstein, they are both retired and writing books for a living.

The moral of the story appears to be, therefore, that if you are looking for cutting-edge journalism, skip the news networks and, instead, check out the Blogsphere!

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Latest News About Iraqi Dinar

Iraq is expected to to be one of the wealthiest nations of the world in the coming 15 years. Iraq having the biggest oil and natural gas reserves has currently reported that the production of oil is now very much stronger than ever. Nowadays, Iraq produces oil more than $ 3.4 million barrels on a daily basis and expects an oil production of $ 4 million per day by the year 2013.

Recently, Iraq has signed international contracts with foreign companies in order to increase the value of Dinar; this was done to meet the target of 12 million barrels per day. Recently, senior officials of Iraq stated that Iraq is working towards becoming the biggest oil reserve of the world, even bigger than Saudi Arabia. This is the Iraqi Dinar latest news.

In case Iraq really does meet this target, and possesses 300 billion barrels of oil, and oil value remains at a minimum of$ 100 a barrel because of Peak Oil, then the value of that resource will be $ 1 million U.S. Dollars. Thus, Iraq would become a country where everyone would be a millionaire.

Another announcement from the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation news is the removal of three zeroes; these were formerly introduced nearly 10 years back when America attacked Iraq. The removal of three zeroes will have a great effect on the value of the Iraqi Dinar. Moreover, once the value of currency is stronger and the Dinar will become more credible. It is a great plan of the Iraqi government that would surely increase the value of Iraqi Dinar in the upcoming years.

The year 2013 is going to be the year of change and progress for the Iraqi Dinar. The governor of Deputy Central Bank Mudher Kasim disclosed to news agency that he expected redenomination of the Dinar to proceed in the year 2014 or afterwards, during which time the quality of Iraqi currency in circulation would have improved drastically. Thus, making the economic dealings in cash even more difficult. He said that we would go faster with our plan only if there were no regional circumstances blocking the way.

Ahmed Abdul Ridha said that we want the value of Dinar to be like that, as it was in the 1970’s and 1980’s, when it was equal to $ 3. He also said that today they are in a rebuilding phase, but a day will come when the value of the Iraqi Dinar shall improve.

In a period of year or two, it is expected that the oil reserves would acquire an adequate production rate, thus developing the base for a powerful income. In addition, within a period of 5 years to 10 years, it is believed that Iraq would be in a position to maintain a powerful foothold in the world as an effective economic state. And that’s the Iraqi Dinar revaluation news worth consideration for all the investors out there!

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Outstanding News in Pictures: July 27, 2011

The most outstanding news of July 27 was showed off through the sharpest and clearest images captured by photographers all over the world. Let’s see what happened on our planet on July 27, 2011.

Yesterday, on Wednesday July 27, the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games “One year to go” ceremony was held at Trafalgar Square in London to mark the one year countdown. A huge countdown clock was revealed in central London and International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge issued a formal invitation to welcome all 202 nations coming to Britain, promising a successful and meaningful season for Britain in particular and all countries in general.

Thousands of people grouped at Trafalgar Square in London celebrate one year countdown to the start of the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games on Wednesday, July 27

A 44-foot high billboard on Sunset Blvd was hung up by Prince Frederic von Anhalt to celebrate 25 years of his marriage in Los Angeles, California

USA’s Jeret Peterson who won the silver medal in the male’s Aerials freestyle skiing during the 2010 Winter Olympics committed suicide by shooting himself

A new world record was set after 343 hot air balloons took off at the Lorraine Mondial festival at the Chambley-Bussieres Aerodrome in France, breaking the previous record of 329 balloons in 2009

Heavy rains caused landslides and flash floods through South Korea’s capital Seoul and surrounding regions and killed at least 32 people including 10 college students doing volunteer work

A ray of lightning brightening the Kiev skyline during a storm at night

The image showing a broken ship going aground near the shore at a beach north of Durban, South Africa

Firefighters working hard to stamp out a fire at the Macro Plastics Plant in Fairfield, California

The fantastic scene of the burning of a giant wicker man in the Wickerman Music Festival 2011 in Dumfries & Galloway

On the 59th anniversary of Eva Peron’s death in Buenos Aires, Argentina, her 15 tons and 31×24 metre iron portrait was made and exhibited during an unveiling ceremony


Outstanding News in Pictures on July 27: 2012 London Olympic Games “One year to go”


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Value of Proper News

Nowadays all the people realize the essentiality of news in daily life. Most of the people lead a busy life. But they always want to be well-known in every step of line. They take some time to get the latest news on politics, entertainment, natural disaster and many other happenings. In the entire world media is very active now to deliver the utmost detail of every happening that are going on. In India media is always busy to deliver the updated India news.  It is the country of many different states, religions and political parties. That is why the people of this particular country want to be updated with every kind of news on every happening and movement. While some people are concerned to know all kind of news, some other is only eager to know the news on some particular sector. On the other hand you can find some people who want to be updated with latest Sports news. Some people are also there who are keen to know the cricket news only.

Newspapers always take a great place in the world of news. In India hundred of newspapers are published daily. Most of the newspapers contain some particular pages that are included with sports news and any other India news. The reporters of the newspapers are always eager to deliver the news with utmost detail to make the readers well-known about the every happening. Some news channels are also there that are published weekly and contain the news of some particular sectors like sports, economics, politics etc.

India is very improved country now. Internet has taken a vital part in the life of the people of this country. People can now get every kind of news from internet. Thousand of websites are coming daily that are enriched with various types of latest news. Everyone can now get the news instantly with the help of internet.

Many TV news channels are very active today to deliver the latest news on every happening. You can find hundred of TV channels in India that can make the people updated with every type of India news. People can view the news with latest and live video clips that can give clear idea about then news. Some channels are there that are more interested to provide sports news only. This kind of channels telecast each and every detail of every kind of cricket news or the news on any other sports.

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Personal Daily Planner

There are numerous ways that a personal daily planner can help you to more easily get through your busy days without having to deal with a lot of the stress that usually comes along with managing it all. In fact, many people find it helpful to be able to simply refer to the daily planner a couple of times throughout the day instead of having to remember all of the tasks they’ve got on their plate.

If you are like most other people in today’s world, then you probably juggle a lot of different things at a time throughout the day. Consider getting a personal planner! You realize just how effective and beneficial they are soon after you start using it. Some of the benefits you can look forward to include:

Manage Your Time More Easily

There are a number of ways to minimize your stress throughout the day including regular exercise, consuming less caffeine, and relaxing a little. However, often times a daily planner is overlooked as having an effect on one’s daily stress while in fact, it can play a big role in eliminating unwarranted worries about missing meetings, mixing up deadlines and simply keeping you on track.

Find Some Spare Time!

You will more than likely find that you have spare time you didn’t even know existed. This is because once you have scheduled in all of the things that are necessary for a particular day, you can easily schedule in time doing things you enjoy, where you would normally spend it less productively.

Imagine being able to schedule in your required chores, errands and other responsibilities in a way that you are able to even create more free time just because you’re able to objectively look at your day ahead of time and plan it accordingly.

Never Forget Another Engagement

When you lead a busy life and you don’t use a personal daily planner, chances are that you will end up forgetting a meeting, a lunch date or another engagement at one point or another. However, the use of a daily planner can help you to make sure you don’t forget even a birthday of a friend of a friend if you really wanted to. Events your children are supposed to attend, picking up the dry cleaning, meeting a friend for drinks- these are all things you don’t have to keep stored and cluttered in your brain

Many people soon find that they can’t live without a planner and wonder how they ever got along without one for this long in the first place! Make things easier on yourself, take some of the weight of the day off your shoulders, relax a little and invest in a daily planner. You won’t regret it.

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Daily Exercise Chart

A daily exercise chart is basically a chart that lists the type of exercise you should do, when you should do them and how many repetitions and sets you should make. It can also contain personal information such as weight and other measurements. This type of chart can help you keep tract of your body mass index, heart rate and pulse rate, as well as the calories you burn or target to burn, workout duration and intensity of the exercise.

Benefits of an Exercise Chart
Keeping a tangible record of your exercise program helps your brain remember what routine you did yesterday and what routine you will do tomorrow. Without it, you can easily forget details such as type of exercise and number of reps and set which are very important if you want to maximize the benefits of exercise and ensure that you remain faithful to your program.

An exercise chart also helps you track your progress on a daily basis. It gives you clear information on exercise routines that need more work. It is the tool that can be used in tandem or as substitute to your personal trainer.

Kids’ Exercise Chart
Parents who are concerned with the health of their child can benefit from this tool. Kids’ exercise chart is extra helpful for parents in order to closely monitor the exercise routines of their kids. It is very hard to motivate kids to exercise especially now that you have to compete with television, video games and the internet. With the use of kids’ exercise chart your kids can actively participate in designing an exercise program that is good for their health and at the same time, allows them to enjoy their childhood. Take note: do not be too picky when choosing your kids’ exercise. Walking, running, swimming, biking, hiking, and other active games count as exercise like jumping ropes and rollerblading.

There are free downloadable blank kids’ exercise charts online that come with different colorful designs.

Free Exercise Chart for Adults
There are lots of blank exercise charts you can easily download online. Be careful though, many downloadable items online contain spyware and viruses. To be safe, make sure that you only download exercise chart on reliable and legitimate websites.

You can also get blank exercise charts when you buy certain products such as dietary items and weight loss supplements. Some gym and fitness clubs also offer free exercise charts for their members.  

Make Your Own
Creating your own exercise chart is easy. Any word processing software can be used to make a blank chart. Create tables with labels according to your needs. Leave columns for types of exercise, repetitions, sets, intensity or amount of weight, days of the week, amount of time and special notes where you can write particular details that do not belong in other columns. You can also choose to add more spaces for body measurements, body weight, body mass index, pulse rate and heart rate

You may not be the type of person who wants to keep records of all things. Still, keeping tract of your exercise routine will help in many ways. You have decided to spend hours each week on a certain exercise program; taking a little of your time organizing your program using daily exercise chart won’t hurt.

Charlene Nuble is a health care professional who loves writing about parenting, women’s issues, health and other stuffs that interest her. Click on the link to learn more about the Top Ten Reasons to Exercise

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Daily Fantasy Tournament

Tournaments have always brought the best and worst in players. They want to win the title so bad that they sometimes forget to control themselves and their emotions. What happens is they act foolishly and are unable to bring out the performance that is expected of them. Whether people play solo or with a team, sports fans would want to check out the daily fantasy tournament for the fantasy sport they desire. If you want to make a team and make it to the tournament, there are things that you have to remember.

Checking on the players’ statistics is one of the most important things you have to do. In fantasy sports, it is all about making the right decisions. You have to know each player’s strengths and weaknesses. For the lineup, you should also know how a particular player can assist the other one so that the weakness would not show. It can be hard especially if you are just starting. In time, you will be able to make the right decisions. With this, it will enable you to become a more knowledgeable and respectable team owner.

Another thing that you have to consider before joining in any daily fantasy tournament is the team rankings. Thinking of a strategy to make your team win is tough, but once you learned the tricks of your opponent, you will be able to know what kind of counterattack you will give them. You may want to check out some videos as well, because it will help you a lot. If you know some friends who are team coaches, call them and ask for their advice. You will need the guidance and help of everyone to make things work for your team.

Lastly, analyze the projections of the year before making your final draft. You just do not know how much weight the projections can be for those in the league. Consider who they think will rank first among the players. Do not despair if you were unable to get top rank because you can still work it out with the others. Professional players who play for fantasy sports also want to be known because it adds up to their long list of achievements. The more they have the better for them, the team and their career.

These three are very important when it comes to the daily fantasy tournament . However, you still have to make up your mind when it comes to the lineup, as it will play a huge role in determining your record. A good strategy can make things work for you so be sure to come up with a good one. In addition, try not to commit the same mistakes because it is not worth it. Unless you can assure your players that it will work this time, then go for it. Still, work your mind and everything will fall into place. Who knows, you may get top ranking after a few games.

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