Benefitting From A Daily Walk

By | September 13, 2015

There are many different benefits of exercising. Walking is one of the most recommended forms of exercise because most people can easily incorporate it into their lives.

Some of the benefits you may enjoy by walking include lower blood pressure, less joint pressure, a decreased risk of stroke, and the ability to control your weight more easily. In addition, there are many different mental benefits that you can receive from walking.

One of the many mental benefits you can enjoy is a slower mental decline. Studies have shown that women who are over the age of 65 suffered less from loss of memory when they had walked throughout their life.

The women who had walked at least 2.5 miles a day experienced a 17 percent decline in memory while the women who did not walk every day suffered through a 25 percent decline in memory. Walking can also reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Another study found that men who walked only a quarter of a mile every day had 50 percent less risk for developing Alzheimer’s. This is an incredible difference!

Another mental benefit that you can enjoy is sleeping better each night when you walk. Studies have shown that those who took one hour walks were able to avoid chronic insomnia, or inability to sleep for the period of time needed.

You can imagine all of the benefits you would receive and things you could do in your life if you were able to receive a constant good night’s rest. You would feel much more energized and you would be able to think more clearly.

In addition, the exercise that walking provides can make you think positively, relieve depression, become happier, and lighten your mood. Studies have shown that walking is takes effect in relieving depression faster than an antidepressant medicine could do.

This is because when you walk, your body releases a chemical that is called endorphins. These endorphins are the body’s natural painkillers and they can help you feel happier.

Some studies have found that mood directly correlates with how many steps you take throughout a day. In addition to the chemical benefits of walking, walking is a great time to think about your day and meditate.

As you let go of the stress and worries you have been holding on to, you will be able to feel happier and ready to tackle the rest of the tasks you need to take. Walking can help you focus your thoughts on things outside of yourself rather than inside of yourself.

When this happens, you will automatically become much happier. There are also many benefits that you can receive from walking that more physical in nature.

For example, one of the benefits that you can receive from walking is that you will be lowering your risk for heart disease or a stroke. Heart disease has become a serious problem among the older generations.

The exercise can also lower high blood pressure, risk for colon cancer, and risk of developing diabetes. These diseases are the affliction of many people, but they are more or less avoidable.

Through exercising you can also strengthen your bones. As you grow older it will be less likely that you will break a bone when you fall.

Researchers also suspect that simple exercises such as walking can also prevent breast cancer. In addition, walking is also a good way to lose weight as it will increase the number of calories that your body uses.

Many people have also found that it can reduce the swelling and pain in joints caused by arthritis. Perhaps one of the best side effects of walking however is that you can use it to spend some time talking with family and friends.

If you are a busy mother with children, you may find it difficult to have time to socialize with friends. However, if you combine your walk with friends, you will be able to have much more enjoyable walk and you will be able to know other people better.

The short time you spend walking and talking can strengthen a friendship tremendously. In addition, as you walk you are bound to run into people from around your neighborhood.

As you do and as you talk to them, you will be able to get to know them much better. The social benefits of exercising or going on a daily walk are tremendous and it is something that you should not pass up the opportunity to do daily.

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