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Are Hot Tips Accurate?

Every now and then, we hear some juicy news about a certain company making huge profits or about to liquidate, that is filing for bankruptcy. These juicy information can be found anywhere on line, from forums, chatting channels to the occasional spam emails we receive …etc While in the reality world, such news are also… Read More »

Outstanding News in Pictures: 6 September 2011

The aerial view of nearly-completed Shard near London Bridge, smiling clownfish, Black and Tan Coonhound named Harbor, Typhoon Talas consequence are among outstanding news of 6 September 2011. This aerial picture shows a part of nearly-completed Shard near London Bridge at dusk after 18 months of construction. The Shard will be Europe’s tallest building thanks… Read More »

Investors Hot Spot- Nashik

Nashik (or Nasik) is located in the northwest of Maharashtra state, 200 km from Mumbai and Pune. It has a population of over 1 million. An ancient pilgrimage city in Maharashtra, Nashik is a rapidly growing industrial city. Almost every well-known company in India as well as the MNC has a plant located here, thus… Read More »