Daily deals sites? penchant for mobile apps

By | April 20, 2015


Providing buyers with mobile access to daily deals is a coveted goal of all established and spanking new players in the daily deal industry because of the meteoric popularity of smartphones as an effective mode of shopping.

One after another, daily deal companies are coming up with mobile applications that permit their subscribers to get an access to discounts timely through handheld devices on the go.

Recent arrival was android- and iPhone-supported mobile apps by Dealfind, a Toronto-based group buying website.

The group buying site claims to have distributed 1.6 million vouchers so far and saved customers around $ 390 million in 70 markets in US and Canada.

A deal of the day is preferred for its bearing up to 90 per cent discounts on a variety of goods and services.

Much like LivingSocial that has received appreciation and good response from markets for its referral program, Dealfind also came in the limelight for its friend referral program and investment in customer services.

In general, the developments related to verticals and platforms remain positive for couponing businesses besides adding value to the best deals.

Aggregately, Dealfind that has partnered with Google Offers to display daily deals of its participating merchants at Google’s platform too, has unveiled apps for phones that support iOS 3.2 or Android 2.1. Latest phones go easy with the apps. 

Understandably, while the mobile apps enable the retailers to extend outreach of their hot deals to a maximum numbers of people, customers feel ease in hitting desirable discounts on things to eat, play, experience, own, and enjoy on the go.

“The retail industry is rapidly changing with users being hooked into their mobile devices nonstop, and our app ensures we are reaching our customers and getting our deals in front of them,” said Gary Lipovetsky, Dealfind Co-Founder and President.

Google and Apple are the real market leaders in the category of smart phones. In US mobile market, android is enjoying the highest share of 46 per cent followed by iOS with 28 per cent.

According to ComScore, Google witnessed 4.4 upswing in its smartphone’s subscribers as of Oct 2011 compared with the archrival Apple that relished at only one percentage point change over the three months ending on July.

This is in spite of the analysis by McAfee that says Apple provides safer environment than Google does.

In its recent report, the antivirus software maker states that the two have different methods of dealing with the malware. 

“Apple’s approach is proactive and focused on prevention. Google’s plan is apparently to encourage the creation of apps and deal with the problems as they occur, in a reactive fashion. Google’s may be a sensible move to generate a large volume and wide variety of apps, but from the security perspective it creates exactly the kind of environment in which malware gangs feel comfortable,” notes the report.

Following suit, deal aggregators are also introducing mobile apps for popular mobile environments. Those having close eyes on the developments in the daily deal industry must have known the much-trumpeted mobile app introduced by Yipit, a deal aggregator cum industry’s reviewer.


Tariq Saeedi is a couponing industry’s analyst holding journalism and marketing degrees and contributing articles to digital and print media. Visit Dealaboo.com for dealfind , daily deals.

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