Daily Fantasy Football Tips!

By | March 24, 2015

When drafting a back-up quarter back there are certain things you need to take note of. Quarterbacks may easily be injured and it happens. If you are not commonly a proponent of drafting backups with a high pick, but if you end up waiting on a QB such as Josh Freeman then it’s a good idea to grab anther high upside back up like Matthew Stafford. This gives you a little breathing room at quarterback and you wouldn’t have to spend a high pick on a QB. There are a lot of daily fantasy football tips out there so read as much as you need to in order to make a good strategy.

In the first round, it is not advisable that you draft a quarterback immediately. Keep in mind that there are 32 teams and if you are in a 12 team league then you got it and there are only 12 starting QBs. It may get a bit confusing when Michael Vick comes in to play and it makes the rule suspicious this season since he considerably counts as a hybrid QB/RB. But do stick to this rule since it’s safer.

Drafting a tight end is not a smart move until you have all you starting RBs, WRs and QB.

Unless we start to see more two tight end leagues then there is no reason to reach for a top tier tight end. It’s true that Gates, Clark and Finley have a ton of ability but you will only need to take them in the third through fifth rounds. Last season, there were 57 points separating the top 10 tight ends last season, whereas there were 113 points separating the top 10 running backs.

Up your odds of taking that Arian Foster, Peyton Hillis, BenJarvus Green-Ellis or LeGarete Blount of last season.

Do not draft a backup tight end, this will be for your own good. The more tight ends are glorified as wide receivers the more the remaining tight ends on the waiver are easily inserted into your startng lineup during a bye or after an injury. And this is also the reason why there is a possibility of seeing more 2 tight end leagues in the future.

A running back should always fill a RB/WR/TE spot always. Open your mind to things like there will be times during the season you will have to throw a receiver or a tight end in there, but don’t draft with that as your goal.

Remember these daily fantasy football tips when drafting and you will be less likely to lose.

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