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By | February 3, 2015

Melbourne is often referred to as the cultural capital of Australia. With winding alleyways, a thriving arts and theatre scene and a distinct style, the city has cultural flair. If you think that enjoying the riches of Melbourne and all that the city has to offer comes at a hefty price, then think again! New daily deal sites offer discounted prices for a number of services, activities and experiences in the city centre.

Here’s some more information on these hot daily deals-

What are daily deal sites? Daily deal sites operate on the principle of collective shopping. Companies choose to offer a significant discount on their service, activity or product that is only activated once a certain number of people sign up and pay for the deal. This way, both the business and customer benefit. Daily deal websites usually host a daily deal from a business every day. Once the deal is activated, your payment will be processed and you’ll receive a voucher to print via e-mail that you can then redeem for whatever you have purchased.

What kind of deals in Melbourne can I get? One of the best things about Melbourne’s daily deal websites is that the deals usually fall into leisure, beauty and well-being categories. Therefore all the activities you might have considered to be a luxury are now affordable. With discounts on restaurants and bars, reduced price beauty treatments and packages and drastically reduced prices on leisure activities such as fishing in Port Arthur Bay, paintballing and ticketed events, you’ll get to discover a whole new set of Melbourne experiences.

This summer is the perfect time to take advantage of these Melbourne Daily Deals. While the weather’s nice and the silly season is upon us, use your time off to discover new Melbourne activities and experiences. Or, give yourself a Christmas present and treat yourself to a beauty or pampering package.

If you’re visiting Melbourne this summer, make sure you check sites like daily to see what’s on offer. You’ll see and experience Melbourne in unique and creative ways.

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