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By | July 22, 2015

Online grocery community has created and made available to the public a website that enables visitors to sort through a vast number of coupons from a variety of sources and locations. It is a comprehensive look into the world of coupons, complete with articles on saving money, shopping guides, the latest in coupon news and more. These resources can be used to save money, track prices, print coupons and connect with other frugally-minded individuals, sharing bargain secrets and tips. The resources are also available free of charge. The Coupon Database has been created 100% by members and contains over 60,000 coupon entries. It was started in 2004 by the website’s owners with the goal of providing the biggest and best coupon database online. The database has seen success and continued growth, as there are approximately 300 new coupon entries added each day. There are various search fields which allow people to browse through coupons that are relevant to their own interests and needs. It is possible to search via description of the coupon, value, the source (paper booklets, entertainment books, store ad flyers, etc.), store, category (automotive, beverages, clothing, etc.), and expired coupons. Many people find themselves unaware of how very many sources there are for locating money-saving coupons. Some believe the only coupons to be had are the ones found in the local newspaper inserts but there are many other sources. Coupons can be found in Blinkies (the red coupon machine found in grocery stores with the blinking light), CellFire (coupons downloaded to your cellphone), entertainment books, home mailers, magazines, mail-in rebates, receipts with coupons printed on them, special promos and many more. However, searching through this great number of sources can be time-consuming and frustrating. Hotcouponworld aims to make the task easier by bringing all of the sources together under one umbrella database. Relatively new to the website is the category search field for the coupon database. Some consumers are looking for coupons for specific items, or a type of item. That is when this field becomes a life-saver. People can search under such categories as: air fresheners, alcohol, baby and children items, books and magazines, candy, clothing, dining, health and beauty, office supplies, pet care, holiday items and more. As members post more entries, the categories expand and grow, providing a seemingly endless selection of useful coupons. Aside from the general database, there is also a Contact Companies Database, which provides information on companies that will give out coupons upon contact by consumers. This is also 100% member-generated. Additionally visitors can locate newspaper inserts through the website, determining which local newspapers carry inserts. Printable coupons are on the rise as the economy, both in America and worldwide, continue to struggle. Printable coupons are available on and from a variety of its partners, such as, and Red Plum. Access is also provided for Target Coupon Generator and Meijer Coupon Generator. incorporates a social society into the mix. HotCouponWorld Trading Forums allows members to trade coupons with one another. Another organizational resource available is the Coupon Database have-lists and wish-lists, which allow trading-group members to track coupons. Current coupon auctions on e-Bay are gathered together on this website, as well as access to coupon clipping sites where users can pay a small handling fee to have coupons shipped right to their home. Entertainment books are a popular way to save money here and there on food and merchandise. connects people with local entertainment books with savings for attractions and restaurants in your own backyard. Other resources that HotCouponWorld offers to members include: an email newsletter keeping members up to date on the happenings on the website and with coupons, The Grocery Guide, several free magazine subscription offers, a diaper cart and survey sites that pay. The many articles on the website are also extremely useful, with tips on inexpensive eating out ideas, maximizing liquidation sales, saving money while dieting and the whether or not it is wise to own a Warehouse Club Membership. These are real issues written about by real people who believe in saving money instead of wasting it. Frugal living is the goal of many American families these days, which is why HotCouponWorld is a necessary and exciting resource. Not only does it help members to save money on a great number of necessities, as well as luxuries, but it also saves time, which is just as valuable. Busy people will appreciate being able to log onto HotCouponWorld and have all of the coupon information they need at their fingertips within moments rather than having to sort through every newspaper insert, company website and store ad flyer to locate the right coupons. All of these resources can be located at

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