How to Do Daily Facial Care

By | August 28, 2015

Interior Cleaning – daily, morning and evening, the interior should be cleaned Rabbi pollution they collect during the day. The choice to use the cleaner that is personal. Options: Wash milk, toner, lotion, soap and face forward. If milk and use the operation with the help of cotton should be completed dipped in toner. Bath lotion or soap and only require cleaning once thoroughly rinse with water after using them.

Treatment morning – after cleaning the face, apply face cream in the morning and before a good day he is also sunscreen from the sun. This cream will help the skin from drying out and is good makeup base, those who need it.

Treatment before going to bed – after cleansing the skin, apply at night to cleansed skin, Night Cream nourishes the skin and gives a larger amount of moisture entry.

“Mineral Line Cleansing Milk is an exclusive double action cleansing milk, enriched with minerals taken from the depths of the Dead Sea.
Ideal to remove dirt and make-up, it leaves the skin smooth and clean, bringing back its natural elasticity. “

“Mineral Line moisturizer cream – for normal to dry skin, creating a perfectly balanced formula on the most concentrated minerals from the depths of the Dead Sea to nourish and hydrate gently to your face and neck skin were removed.
Its ingredients are combined specifically to get back all the natural elements your skin loses during the day. “

“Anti-aging Night Cream is an extraordinary new formulation proved to significantly night reducewrinkle depth over your face area, within a short time.
Its exclusive combination of the most powerful minerals from the depths of the Dead taken from the sea, the recently discovered Uniprosyn PS-18 + Uniprotect PT-3 new active ingredients stimulate the production of specific skin barrier proteins that are essential to maintain the integrity of the skin and flexibility, deeply nourishing and regenerating your facial skin while you rest at night.
Feel young and free with Mineral Line new Time it! Anti-aging line. “

“Mineral Line FACIAL MUD MASK 70%, based on genuine black mud from the depths of the Dead Sea, the optimal treatment for face and neck skin.

Its unique combination of salts, minerals and black mud brings all the elements of your skin loses during the day, so that a wonderful feeling of renewal and youth on your skin.

Apply a smooth layer FACIAL MUD MASK leave 70% of the entire face and neck for 15 to 20 minutes until it dries.
Rinse well with warm water. “


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