News Portal Development: Be First to Know Your Planet

By | November 21, 2015

Life is made extremely easy for our next generation. World has become mobile and so are the services. Planning a tour, paying bills, or shopping for grocery was never so easy. Reporting to police, tracking your complaints, or participating in the events can also be done while cooking.

Activities ranging from managing business to minding kids at home can be done through your finger tips. With the help of portal development and technological enhancements, we are soon to see every activity—at home or office or any premise for that matter–being managed with your finger tips.

Similarly, news is at your fingertips these days. Various news portal web development offers the “always-stay-connected” services. Now, if you have a smart phone you are always updated and ahead of the world accessing news portals.

Smart Phone and the news portal development

Well, there is no need to access a news web portal too. These portal web development offers notification services. When you enroll for the particular news application online, you only have to register with them and subscribe to daily newspapers and updates. Your smart phone notifies of each news update.

Unlike newspapers, online news uploads new story every now then. It offers vast pool of information more than what could accommodate in a 30 page newspaper. It comprises of blogs and articles from well-known writers widening your horizon and helping you explore beyond casual news. A view expressed by highly intelligent persons on a specific topic is another innovative feature. Many platforms allow individuals to air their views hitting on a reply button.

Connection with social networks

News portal development can also be found connected to various social networks. BBC and other world and regional news channels have shaped a social network page to attract huge masses. Twitter is the most popular platform for news updates. You can add your favorite news channels out there and see what’s happening.

As I enjoy watching “the newshour”,—A debate show—I have added “Times now” in my Twitter account. It throws a topic to be debated everyday and allows me to re-tweet or reply. This approach makes me feel connected to the media and creates a real sense of people’s contribution in media reports.

Personalization, customization and easy archival

The best part of the news web portal development is customizations. The personalization enables you to get all the required news in a user-friendly form, tailored to suit your requirements. Ranging from choosing theme for your app to checking news for a specified section, this is a feature that no other medium can offer.

I love the multi-lingual support. Staying connected to your language is very important and what can be other effective source than reading news in you regional language? News portal web development is an efficient, hassle-free and the most interactive platform.

No more do you have to believe in “news once lost is lost forever”. News archives are the great treasure to find something old and popular from the database without bothering. Portal development solutions has literally put out everything in the public domain, lets get together to use it to the optimum!

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