Outstanding News in Pictures: 9 September 2011

By | December 22, 2015

Wildfire in Texas, funny image of a cheeky robin, 2011 Nike Mag and Russian ice hockey team plane crash are among the outstanding news on 9 September 2011.

The rain-starved Texas state has experienced one of most devastating wind-fueled wildfires happened seriously on Tuesday September 6 and spread the state’s firefighting ranks to the limit. This massive wildfire occurs due to the result of worst drought since the 1950s in this state. The serious wildfire has ruined over 1,000 homes and left at least four people dead. Crew members of the International Space Station provide a panoramic view of the east-central Texas numerous smoke plumes caused by wildfires burning across the state.

Diffuse smoke is seen to be moving offshore into the Gulf of Mexico

A cheeky robin stands on camera lens of photographer Edwin Kats and plays hide-and-seek by preventing him from taking the shot while he is trying to takes images

A single tourist camp is seen under stars on the steppe near Hashaat in Mongolia’s Dundgovi province

This plane carrying fire retardant is going to drop near Jefferson, Texas

A power cut happening to more than 1.4 million customers on Thursday during a blackout in the San Diego area forms the rare darkened San Diego skyline

People pray for victims of a Russian ice hockey team plane crash at the Old Town Square in Prague

The 154-foot, five-stage booster ATK Aerospace Systems rocket is tested in a Utah’s west desert

The large 21-foot crocodile is seen attacking a 300-pound Topi Antelope in the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

In the picture is the limited-edition shoe named 2011 Nike Mag which has inspiration from appearance in the popular 1989 movie “Back to the Future II”

The picture, taken by astronaut Clayton Anderson aboard the International Space Station, demonstrates how beautiful the Bazaruto Island, St Antonio Island and Magaruque Island in the Mozambique Channel are

As can be noticed in the image, the second and the sixth homes in Bloomsburg have been moved out due to flood water from Fishing Creek

England captain Mike Tindall is seen before his team’s opening game of the 2011 World Cup against Argentina, at Otago Stadium in Dunedin, New Zealand

Miss USA Alyssa Campanella performs her swimsuit competition during the Miss Universe preliminary competition event in Sao Paulo, Brazil


ATK 5 segment solid rocket booster DM3 test


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