Outstanding News in Pictures: August 15, 2011

By | November 12, 2015

A new world record of the largest number of people ever to shower together was set, holidaymakers in “China’s Dead Sea”, Indian 64th Independence Day, Barack Obama and Rick Perry during their campaign bus are the most outstanding news on August 15 we want to deliver you.

On August 15, Britain broke the world record for the largest number of people ever to shower together as part of a campaign to encourage more sociable showering in the UK. The new world record was set when 152 Brits in bikinis soaped up under a huge six-metre shower structure on Bournemouth beach. The new Bournemouth record of 152 beat the previous record set in America two years ago when 145 people showered together in Illinois. More interestingly, festival goers will also be given the chance to enjoy the utmost shower experience including music from top DJs when it goes on tour to V Festival at Hylands Park on 20th and 21st August.

The new world record was set as 152 people showered together on Bournemouth beach

The scene of a Swiss-registered solar-powered vessel named MS Turanor Planetsolar, enters Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

India celebrated its 64th Independence Day to mark its independence from the British rule at the Manek Shaw Parade Grounds in Bangalore on August 15

Some members of the gay and lesbian community were lying on a road in Mexico City to demand a stop to violence, discrimination and homophobia

Republican presidential candidate and Texas Governor Rick Perry during his campaign bus on Monday, August 15, in Des Moines, Iowa

US President Barack Obama was pictured with students at Chatfield public schools during his three-day bus tour in the Midwest centering on ways to grow the economy


India marks 64th Independence Day


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