Solar Hot Water Cylinder: Get hot water directly from the sun

By | October 20, 2015

In cold countries there is requirement of regular supply and storage of hot water in kitchens and bathrooms to complete the various daily needs. For the heating purpose people uses different sources of energy like solar, electrical, gas and other forms of fuels. In fulfilling this requirement a good amount of money is spend over electricity bills. Apart from the money loss, excess uses of gases and other sources of fuel are hazardous for the surrounding as these sources can increase the level of carbon in the environment. But the advancement in technology has gifted us the hot water cylinder, which is a boon for the people in the colder regions.

Purchasing a hot water cylinder is actually a one time venture for long lasting benefits. Once you install this modern device, you can reduce monthly bills of electricity as well as impact of carbon in the atmosphere.   These cylinders operate on different energy sources but the consumption rate is very little. The hot water cylinders maintain optimum temperature with sufficient water flow in an exclusive way.

Well, these highly advanced cylinders run by using different sources of energy like gas, solar, electricity and many other forms. The functioning system of the cylinder is quite simple. The cylinders can be placed on the ground as well as platform or at a little distance from the ground.  First, of all the cold water goes through it and after becoming heated, the hot water reaches on the top of the cylinder. The hot water is taken out for the use through the pipes. It can be also diverted to the hot showers or taps that is later used for many other household activities.

All over the world the hot water cylinders are sold by different names such as solar hot water cylinders, mains pressure, low pressure, internal and external hot water cylinders, customized cylinders and wetback cylinders. In the market the cylinders are available in different forms and sizes. Today the hot water cylinder which is widely used is solar hot water cylinders because of various reasons. These cylinders works through the solar panels fitted on the roof of the house. They collect heat from the sun and it is used to heat water in the cylinder.

The main advantage of using this solar cylinder is that it is eco friendly. It save the environment from the impact of harmful gases and help to conserve the renewable source of energy. Moreover, it works all around year without making any hole in the pocket of the consumer. So the solar hot water cylinder is not only cheaper but also cost effective in the long run.

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