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Enterprise Center Daily News Gains Across The Board Leading Home Appliance Industry Boom Of The

Qingdao Haier has to hand over the first half of excellent report card, in the first half net profit of 665 million yuan, up 21.30 percent; to achieve earnings per share were 0.497 yuan, in 2009 interim results hit a record high. August 18, TCL Group published Interim report in 2009, TCL Group first half… Read More »

Zoomlion Center Daily News Beautiful Break The Cycle Of High Finance Low Return – Zoomlion,

Zoomlion August 7 semi-annual report released once again to produce beautiful responses, the company achieved operating income of the first half of a total of 9.26677 billion yuan, up 49.08 percent over last year; a net profit of 1.08472 billion yuan, up 20.22 percent from a year earlier, earnings per share up 0.7132 yuan. It… Read More »