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Venezuela's Maduro asks UN to help ease medicine shortages

CARACAS: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on Friday he has asked the United Nations to help the South American nation alleviate medicine shortages, which have become increasingly severe as the oil-producing nation’s economic crisis accelerates. Triple digit inflation and a decaying socialist economic model have left medications ranging from simple anti-inflammatory drugs to chemotherapy medicationā€¦ Read More »

Anti-Muslim campaign backfires as Swiss ease naturalisation path

ZURICH: Swiss people’s growing familiarity with foreigners living in their neighbourhoods and a step-by-step path to citizenship helped doom the far right’s efforts to exploit anti-Muslim sentiment in a vote easing naturalisation for third-generation immigrants. The Swiss People’s Party (SVP) used posters showing a burqa-clad woman with the slogan “no unchecked naturalisation” to fight theā€¦ Read More »