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Merkel says in Europe's interests to have good ties with US

WARSAW: Germany and Europe have an innate interest in having strong ties with the United States, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday, adding that NATO members would discuss the alliance’s future in light of comments by the new U.S. administration. “As Germany and Europeans, we have an innate interest in good trans-Atlantic relations on the… Read More »

Nicaragua's good times help Ortega shrug off 'autocrat' jibes

LA LIBERTAD, Nicaragua: Ten years ago, less than a third of voters in President Daniel Ortega’s mining hometown backed him, but his support has since surged here and nationally, setting him up to win a third consecutive term this week despite criticism he is autocratic. When he ran for a second term in 2011, the… Read More »

Good News to Eyeglasses Retailers

When all groups of people begin to wear eyeglasses, the atmosphere of eyeglasses industry presents prosperity. And many manufacturers try their best to produce eyeglasses in various kinds of styles, shapes and materials for large profits. Accordingly, lots of eyeglasses retailers emerge in our daily life. They sell eyeglasses in local small optical shops.  … Read More »

Hot Flushes Are Good News for Your Heart

Hot flushes are a common and troublesome part of menopause symptoms. Approximately three women out of four suffer the hot flashes typically associated with menopause. Although hot flushes are usually perceived as a problem, the surprising news is that researchers now believe that they might actually indicate good heart health. A research study published online… Read More »