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US charges Florida men with laundering money for Venezuelan officials

NEW YORK: A Florida construction equipment exporter’s owners were arrested on Wednesday on charges they illegally transferred over US$ 100 million (£81 million) from businesses largely in Venezuela to U.S. and foreign bank accounts belonging to Venezuelan government officials and others. Luis Diaz Jr., 74, and his son, Luis Javier Diaz, 49, were charged in… Read More »

Canada seizing more suspect money from Chinese travellers

TORONTO: Canada has been seizing increasing amounts of undeclared or suspected criminal money from mainland Chinese travellers, border officials said, with the amount confiscated last year more than double that taken in 2013. Capital flight in various forms has been a growing concern for China, with factors ranging from the depreciation of the yuan to… Read More »

Enthusiastically Participated In The Chinese Stock Soaring Hot Money, “laughed Cop” -

Quiet for some time, “a concept of flow,” is back with the attempt to start another heat wave. A “state purchasing and storage orders for four million,” the news, yesterday’s resumption of Hualan material strength daily limit, while driving the bio- Pharmacy Plate holding red flag. Today morning, Hualan things still daily limit of opening,… Read More »