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More than 130 bodies recovered from migrant boat capsize off Egypt

CAIRO: At least 133 bodies had been recovered by Friday from a boat carrying hundreds of migrants that capsized off Egypt two days earlier, Egyptian officials said. The boat sank off Burg Rashed, a coastal village on the Nile Delta. Rescue workers and fishermen said they had rescued at least 169 people, but confusion remained… Read More »

Canada seizing more suspect money from Chinese travellers

TORONTO: Canada has been seizing increasing amounts of undeclared or suspected criminal money from mainland Chinese travellers, border officials said, with the amount confiscated last year more than double that taken in 2013. Capital flight in various forms has been a growing concern for China, with factors ranging from the depreciation of the yuan to… Read More »

Philistines were more sophisticated than given credit for, say archaeologists

ASHKELON, Israel: Philistines were no “philistines”, say archaeologists who unearthed a 3,000-year-old cemetery in which members of the biblical nation were buried along with jewellery and perfumed oil. Little was known about the Philistines prior to the recent excavation in the Israeli port city of Ashkelon. The famed arch enemies of the ancient Israelites –… Read More »