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'Arab Idol' talent show win sends Palestinians into raptures

GAZA: Palestinians took to the streets to celebrate the victory of their compatriot Yaqoub Shaheen on Saturday in “Arab Idol”, a hugely popular Middle East television talent show on the Dubai-based channel MBC1. This year’s final, filmed in Lebanon, was between a Yemeni, Ammar Mohammed, and two Palestinian competitors, Shaheen from Bethlehem and Ameer Dandan… Read More »

Hundreds of Palestinians held by Israel on hunger strike

RAMALLAH, Palestinian Territories: Hundreds of Palestinians in Israeli prisons were observing a hunger strike Friday (Aug 5), in a new wave of protest that Palestinian officials said was expected to grow. Some of the strikers accused Israeli jailers of “harassment” while others refused food in solidarity with prisoner Bilal Kayed, who has been fasting for 52… Read More »