The Impact of Computer Technology in Our Daily Lives

By | May 19, 2015

The technology that we have today continuously develops so that it makes our daily living more and more convenient and comfortable each day. And one of the most important contributions of computer technology is the enhanced communication technology that we have today.  Check out the GE Fanuc Series of components for example, for example the 90-30 GE Fanuc is an amazing piece of machinery .

Before, if we liked to send messages to our loved ones overseas, there is no other option but to send them “snail mail” which would take more than three weeks. But today, with the use of different communication devices such as computers and mobile phones, communicating with our loved ones has never been so easy. With just a press of a button or click of mouse, we can instantaneously send and receive messages to our loved ones with the help of internet – we can even talk to them via video conferencing. We can also send and receive instant messages on our mobile phones which enable us to connect to our friends, families, and relatives wherever and whenever we like.

Another important role of computer technology is that it allows us to have a better understanding of everything such as education. Computers are being used nowadays to teach children easily and conveniently which develops their thinking and creativity skills at the same time.

Computer technology arouses the students’ creativity as well as their thinking skills. Computers also help students with learning disabilities to be able to easily understand their lessons. Also, teachers can use computer technology to improve their teaching skills.

Today, with the use of latest word processing applications, students can improve their spellings because these applications can tell if certain word is misspelled. Also, people who have communication disability such as the Mute and Deaf can easily express their thoughts and feelings with the use of computers.