The unending desire for Cricket news

By | December 4, 2015

The first thing that a cricket fan would demand in the morning apart from a cup of hot coffee is the latest cricket news.


Whether scouring the sports page of a newspaper or skimming through the news or sports channels, all a cricket fanatic looks for is the latest development going on in the cricket world.


The quench for the information isn’t restricted to the cricket field. What is happening in a cricketer’s personal life attaches equal importance as his on-field antics.


The way cricket news is covered these days has undergone a sea change since the time India won the world cup in 1983. At that time transistors were in prevalence and you could see people hooked onto their radio-sets for hours listening to the running commentaries. They would scream with joy and express disappointment as the commentator would modulate his tone to express the various developments.

Now the same is being done by news channels. Every fall of wicket, every run scored is reported heavily.

With the proliferation of Television, the way Cricket News is reported these days has incorporated the way general news is handled. The breaking news syndrome is fast catching with it as well. This is due to the fact that cricket is becoming more and more popular and is increasingly being dishing out controversies as well.


The governance, administration, decisions of cricket boards and International Cricket Council etc. has become a major source of cricket news.


A cricket crazy nation that India is makes it crucial for the news channel in India to be on their toes all the time and package a Cricket News piece in a manner that grabs the maximum eyeball.


The obsession with the cricket news reaches its crescendo when a major tournament like ICC Cricket World Cup, India-Pakistan, Ashes etc. is underway. So does the controversies attached to it.


During the recent cricket world cup held in the sub-continent the news of England’s Ian Bell not being given out due to a controversial rule generated much hype since it involved Indian cricket team.

The new media or the internet has provided cricket fans with news on the go facility, providing ball by ball update of match when other means aren’t available. They not only update you with the latest cricket news but have many other features like: Debates, Opinion Polls, Letters, reader’s blog etc; that keeps people hooked on to these websites.


Certainly, cricket being the most popular game in India, the various media organization ranging from radio to internet are making a killing selling cricket news.

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