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By | March 25, 2015

Zoomlion August 7 semi-annual report released once again to produce beautiful responses, the company achieved operating income of the first half of a total of 9.26677 billion yuan, up 49.08 percent over last year; a net profit of 1.08472 billion yuan, up 20.22 percent from a year earlier, earnings per share up 0.7132 yuan. It was the debut performance of the company for ten years.

Zoomlion (SZ: 000157) New price: 24.881.385.87% market movements News Announcement large single-track positions in the cost of capital flows understand Zoomlion only once when the IPO financing is Construction Machinery Listed companies have not only been issuing more and placements of the company, in return for nearly a decade of high growth and high returns, in his own way, to restore the original definition of listed companies.

Zoomlion in December 2000 only 630 million yuan IPO financing, but, as of 2008 already allocated 100 million yuan cash dividend of 5.5626, 8.0445 million shares dividends, not only that, the company’s share capital also through expansion of Transmission and Distribution 10 times, as of December 31, 2008, the total share capital of 1.5 billion shares when the market turned into 1,521,000,000 shares.

Very valuable is the rapid expansion of capital has not diluted earnings per share, but in 2000, 0.35 yuan / share, raised to as high as 2009, half of 0.7132 yuan / share. In addition, since the market since 2000, after years of endogenous growth and restructuring of the combination of mergers and acquisitions, Zoomlion total assets from the end of February 2000 of 950 million yuan, up until March 31, 2009 of 24.58 billion yuan operating income by the year 2000, 2.45 billion yuan, up to 2008’s 13.549 billion yuan, net profit by the year 2000, 0.53 billion yuan, up to 2008’s 1.569 billion yuan, at one stroke to become the world’s largest concrete mixer enterprises and engineering machinery product range covers the most comprehensive enterprise.

Zoomlion strong growth trend has also given investors a very lucrative income. An attentive investors Sina calculations inside Internet cafes, the investors in December 29, 2000 held 1,000 shares when opened, the value of 1.2 million yuan, to February 20, 2009 to 20.65 yuan closing only for a total dividend of 2,230.73 yuan were a total access to Chunghwa Express Corp 13,384.8 shares, earnings for the 278,716 yuan, benefiting 20.88 times.

Zoomlion chairman Chan Chun-Xin said in an interview, Zoomlion will be more room for future development is to proceed with private placement once completed, according to conservative estimates, the investment projects will be made in Zoomlion double the performance. The subsidiary of Italy’s CIFA through the most difficult in Financial Crisis, has begun to do addition, other international giants than the market recovered quickly, believe in the next few years will provide important Zoomlion performance support.

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